Helps You Retain Customers Helps You Retain Customers

In the world of SaaS (Software as a Service), one of the biggest challenges these companies face is the high customer churn rate. According to ProfitWell’s benchmark, the annual churn rate can be as high as 50%, meaning companies can lose up to half of their customers in a single year.

This statistic is alarming, but understanding why this churn happens is even more important. Many SaaS companies struggle to identify dissatisfied customers, often because the issue of churn is complex and requires the involvement of the entire team to improve it. The biggest problem is that companies often recognize unhappy customers only when they leave.

That’s why we founded

We have spent the last 11 years in the world of SaaS startups, holding various business positions. Recently, we have seen that companies, partly due to a more complex macroeconomic situation, are increasingly focusing on supporting their current customers. They are beginning to realize the importance of customer success, and these roles in SaaS companies are growing rapidly. After all, acquiring a new customer is several times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

This is where, an innovative customer success platform, comes into play. We specialize mainly in B2B SaaS companies. Our solution helps companies not only prevent customer churn but also provides insights to understand the reasons behind it. This allows companies to respond in a timely manner and improve their services.

Not only do we help maintain existing customers, but we also identify key customers with the potential to increase revenue. In this way, strengthens the growth and profitability of SaaS companies.