Tags are a new tool in the CustomerScore.io application, designed to improve your work with customers. Tags are shared among all users in a company account, and you can find their settings in Settings->Tags management section.

In the table, you can find all the available tags in your account. You can create, delete, or edit tags as needed. When creating tags, you only need to specify the color and title.

Working with Tags

Tags are used to label your customers who share certain parameters. When a customer is tagged, the tag will appear in the table of customers or on the customer detail page under the customer's name. Each customer can have an unlimited number of tags.

  • Tagging Customers

Tags can be added to customers in two ways.

1) The first method is bulk tagging by selecting customers in the table of customers and clicking the "Add Tag" button. Once a tag is selected, all chosen customers will receive that tag. Tags can also be removed by clicking "Unassign all tags". Please note, that this action will remove all tags from all selected customers.

2) The second method is managing tags in the customer detail view. You can add tags individually by clicking the "Add Tag" button. Tags can be removed separately by clicking the "X" icon next to the specific tag.

  • Filtering by Tags

You can also filter your customers by tags. To create a filter, simply select "Tag" from the list, which is categorized under attributes. You can then choose whether customers should have or not have the tag. In the "Value" field, select the tags you want to filter by.

Currently, it is only possible to filter by tags. Segmenting by tags is not yet available.