Customer's CRM and Admin links

In our application, we prioritize the most pleasant and efficient work with customers. Therefore, we recommend linking your customers with direct links to your CRM or other sources where you can find more information about each customer. With just one click, you can immediately navigate from our application to where you need to be.

Properly set links can then be found for each customer in the customer table in the first column next to the customer's name and ID.

Or directly in the customer's detail in the top panel.

Connecting links depends on how you import your data into the application, either through file import or via API.

  • Import from File

When importing from a file, you have the option to map columns to the "Link" and "Admin Link" attributes. See the following example:

We recommend mapping the "Link" attribute to the customer's link in your CRM and the "Admin Link" attribute to any other relevant link. If the mapping is correct, a green check icon will appear next to the link. These mapped columns will also be used for your future imports.

  • API Import

When uploading data through the API, you can assign the "crm_link" and "admin_link" parameters to each customer, as specified in the Import API documentation. Here is a brief example of the body request:

  "customers": [
      "external_id": "12345",
      "name": "Knapp-Cruz Inc.",
      "admin_link": "",
      "crm_link": "",
      "scorings": [
          "date": "2024-04-29", // Must be unique for each item in "scorings" array
          "property_codename_from_your_app": "abcd", // String value
          "property_codename_from_your_app": 1234, // Number value
          "property_codename_from_your_app": true // Boolean value