How We Analyze Your Customers’ Behavior

At, we analyze the behavior of each of your customers. We then clearly represent this behavior using Fit Score and Engagement Score. Additionally, you can see both scores over time, allowing you to track trends.

We analyze all data in snapshots, for example, once a week or month. For SaaS services, we recommend monitoring weekly granularity.

Example of customers with Fit and Engagement scores and their trends

What Data Should You Track?

For each SaaS, it’s individual. Let’s say you operate a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. First, it’s useful to set up something called Fit. This indicates how closely a given customer matches your ideal customer profile (ICP). In our example, it’s a small to medium-sized company focusing on Western Europe and North America in e-commerce. These are the exact parameters for the Fit Score:

  • Customer size (number of employees)
  • Country
  • Industry

The second set of parameters we monitor for customers is Engagement. Simply put, it’s how the customer utilizes your product. Here, it’s useful to base this on your North Star metric and main product KPIs. In the case of a CRM system, this could be the number of open deals, the number of users, how often these users log in, and so on.

We also recommend tracking other parameters that don’t fall under Fit and Engagement scores, such as MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), the customer’s package, which features the customer has activated, and more.

All this data is then processed by our scoring model, resulting in a final score. We set up this scoring model with you at the beginning.

Learn how to setup a scoring model on our video (in Czech)