Statistics are a very important part of the application, as they provide a detailed view of your customer base. In our application, we divide statistics into two main groups. The first group is the high-level overview, which shows the overall customer base and its main metrics. The second group is feature analysis, which displays statistics regarding the tracked properties of your product.

Note: Both of these groups display data either for all your customers or for the selected segment.

High-level overview

These statistics focus on:

  • Customer Scoring Matrix: Displays your customers in a scatter plot. You can learn more about this chart in the Customer Scoring Matrix article.
  • Customer Count Chart: Located in the top right corner, this chart tracks the number of your customers over time, either overall or for the selected segment. Each column in the chart represents data for a specific time period (called a snapshot).
  • Median Fit Score and Engagement Score Charts: These charts show the development of the median values of Fit Score and Engagement Score over time.

Feature analysis

The feature analysis group of charts focuses on the development of properties you have set for your product. These statistics include only properties that can be expressed numerically (i.e., properties of the number type). Let's describe the chart using the following example:

Each of the charts in the feature analysis section is named according to the specific property it represents (in this case, the chart is named Closed Tickets). On the x-axis, you will find the dates of snapshots, and on the y-axis, the corresponding values of the property.

You can also choose the type of aggregation for the chart. The available options include average, median, and sum. Once you select a type, it will be saved in the browser's memory as your preferred choice. The next time you visit the statistics, you will immediately see your preferred chart type.

By understanding these statistics, you can gain valuable insights into your customer base and the performance of your product.